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Mobile Multimedia Production

Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology from Dublin, Ireland and Telecentar from Zagreb, Croatia, have developed a short self-paced e-learning course in mobile multimedia production. The Course is composed of five 3 hour modules focusing on audio, photography, video, marketing and management. The course is free, implemented in English language, and requires a mobile device (smartphone/tablet) connected to the internet.
We invite you to get enrolled and participate in this collaborative project, meeting learners from across Europe, in a process that will teach you how creative you can get with your mobile device. This moodle currently offers 5 courses offered from the iProfessional curriculum, listed below.

Enrol now and start learning Mobile Multimedia Production by sending an email to register@education.telecentar.com !


The present module facilitates all the partners cooperation in the project, by defining a set of rules and guidelines for the professionals in the field of digital multimedia and arts to planning project of the day-to-day work. The module summarized what has to be achieved by the project management, aiming of helping all the professionals  in procedures related to planning project in particularly quality and risk management. It is a fundamental working tool that every employers in production companies but first in the universities will be invited to refer to, when the  planning  project is to be prepared.
The module is structured in the following manner:
Introduction to the Project Management

  • Part one  - Approaches to project / programme management
  • Part two - What is planning?
  • Part three – The planning phase in the project
  • Part four – Towards implementation
  • Part five – An example for Quality and Risk Management approach