Evaluation topics

Evaluation topics:

  1. Sources of Polish law, including the University's regulations
  2. Supervision and control of working conditions, National Labour Inspectorate, Chief Sanitary Inspector, Public Labour Inspectorate
  3. Minimum requirements for the University's premises
  4. Ergonomy and OSH at a computer-equipped workplace
  5. Principles of dealing with a student accident
  6. Benefits on account of a student accident
  7. General principles of first aid, CPR
  8. Environmental care and waste management
  9. Fire protection, fire classification, handheld fire fighting equipment
  10. Evacuation signs
  11. Emergency numbers
  12. Basic principles of health risk minimalization in occupational and educational settings
  13. Description of selected dangerous, harmful, and inconvenience factors
  14. Occupational risk assessment
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