Introduction to an online course

Occupational Safety and Health at the UL

Welcome to the OSH online course at the University of Lodz!

If you are reading the present document, it means you are now at the University of Lodz education platform. We have set for you an Occupational Safety and Health online course, which is organized into parts, called modules.

The first module contains informational resources – you can learn about the objectives of the training, the range of topics covered, the principles for work towards and crediting the course.

The following modules will contain:

  • Course materials
  • Quizzes – ie. tests for multiple self-checking (recommended as a revision before the final evaluation test) – these are not graded;

Introduction to the course

Here, in front of you, are the informational material, and learning resources, for the OSH course at the University of Lodz.
The University of Lodz shall be obliged to provide OSH training for all persons commencing their studies – such obligation is pursuant to the provisions of Article 228 of the Act of 27 July 2005: Law on Higher Education (Journal of Laws Dz.U. of 2012, item 772, as amended), and the - issued on its basis – Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Eduation of 5 July 2007 concerning the occupational safety and health for higher education institutions (Journal of Laws Dz.U. of 2007 No. 128, item 897).

The participation in the OSH course is obligatory for students starting their studies at the UL (including PhD students) and it is credited on the basis of final tests results. The course is held in the first study semester, for students of all levels. The completion of the OSH course is a condition for crediting the first study semester.
The OSH course is listed in the USOS web platform directory as  Szkolenie z BHP w Uniwersytecie Łódzkim, code 0000-BHP.

Course objectives

The objective of the course is to familiarize students (inlucing PhD students) with selected legal issues concerning the occupational safety and health, fire prevention, threats to life and health during classes and their stay at the university, and the principles for dealing with such threats.

Course mode

The course is organized in two stages.
At the first stage, the students are to familiarize, on a self-training basis, with the course resources available at this web platform. Besides text resources, this website contains links to web-stored multimedia resources (eg. videos), and self-test quizzes.

Depending from the Faculty, the course content may be differentiated for students of particular fields.

The BHP IV (ie. OSH #4) course contains modules 1 to 4, and it is designed for students of the following Faculties:

  • Faculty of Economics and Sociology
  • Faculty of Philology
  • Faculty of Philosophy and History
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Faculty of Geographical Sciences
  • Faculty of Educational Sciences
  • Faculty of Law and Administration
  • Faculty of International and Political Studies
  • Faculty of Management
  • The UL Branch in Tomaszów Mazowiecki

The BHP V (ie. OSH #5) course contains modules 1 to 5, and it is designed for students of the following Faculties:

  • Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection
  • Faculty of Chemistry
  • Faculty of Physics and Applied Informatics

An English version of the course is available for the foreigners.

The access to the aforementioned resources will be granted all year round without time restrictions or any necessity to log in.

At the second stage, the students will take the final test, ie. a knowledge test being the basis for course evaluation. The access to the tests of this kind, also included in the distance learning platform, is made upon logging in. According to the home Faculty, the student may choose either Test_BHP_IV or Test_BHP_V (which stand for Test for OSH #4, and Test for OSH #5, respectively).

Each of these courses contain a one-best-answer final test. The time for completion is 30 minutes. The test may be re-taken no more than three times. You will need at least 50% correct answers from the test to credit the course. The course evaluation is based on the best  score.

The outcomes of the test can be checked on the platform, in the course area, in the Grade tab. The access to the outcome will be made to you, as well as to your Faculty staff members responsible for registering the credited course on the USOS platform.

The OSH course is self-training – there are no teachers present on the web platform.

For content queries, please contact the OSH inspectorate office:, tel. 42 635 42 68.

In the case of technical problems, please contact the distance learning platform administrator:

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