Topic outline

  • General

    OSH UL

  • Unit I

    Selected legal regulations on labour law, pertaining to OSH

  • Unit II

    Maintaining the conditions for occupational safety and health on the University's premises

  • Unit III

    Instructions for dealing with a student accident, including first aid principles

  • Unit IV

    Fire safety and environmental safety issues

  • Unit V

    Description of selected dangerous, harmful, and inconvenience factors
    (This applies to students of the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Physics and Applied Informatics)

  • Evaluation

    In order to complete the safety training the final test (final) must by passed. It is located in a separate course, where a student must by logged in. In order to pass the test:

    1. Click the name of your faculty in the following list:

    2.  Enter the passkey for the course of the test.
    The key can by received in your Dean's Office.

    3. Solve the final test.

    The time for solving the test is 30 minutes. The test can be taken up to four times. The basis of assessment is to obtain at least 50% correct answers. The completion of the test is determined by the highest result. The test results will be placed on the platform, in the course, go into the section “Grade” .

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